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Located in Turkey, Istanbul,   Kirmak began  trading in 1987   and  has established  itself  as   the  Turkey’s leading quality   drum closures manufacturer.   We   manufacture all types of   closures  for  metal, plastic and   fibre-drums as well as  for other   applications.Today Kirmak is    the   largest drum closures   manufacturer  in Turkey with a   production of over 3  million sets   of Drum closures annually.  Our   drum closures are also exported   to  Eastern Europe and Middle   East. Kirmak  regularly   developes   new products to suit  our customer’s requirements in Quality,  Price, Performance and Delivery. Kirmak is at the forefront of closing ring technology and in recent years has invested substantially in improved plant and machinery to proactively meet the likely future demands of its predominantly world class customer requirements.Flexible and versatile, the company can rapidly adapt to changing customer requirements whether it be in product design, service or even manufacturing location. Understanding our customers’ needs, providing products that fulfill those needs and fostering long term customer satisfaction are our primary goals. An emphasis on prevention of defects through effective material procurement, employee training, a defined process control, and quality assurance activities will be a hallmark of our quality excellence.


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